MaxFlo® Advanced Filter Aids

MaxFlo® Filtration Products are produced by Agrilectric Research in Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA.

Agrilectric Research quality management system follows the standard guidelines of ISO 9001-2008.

MaxFlo® products are high performance, renewable filter aids for all types of solid liquid separation applications. These uniquely engineered rice hull ash filter aids deliver exceptional value in all types of filtration applications.

Agrilectric Research is a Division of The Powell Group.

Other Divisions of The Powell Group include:

Farmers Rice Milling Company
Agrilectric Power Company

Agrilectric Power Partners

Agrilectric Power Partners is the power plant operations company in Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA. Acting as project and operation’s management for the technology design and operation, the company has successfully operated the facility since 1984.

Agrilectric Power Partners are not only a renewable energy provider. The combustion process is designed to produce consistent quality amorphous silica. Daily samples are analyzed and reported back to the power plant operations to ensure the silica based products are meeting stringent specifications.